Payday 3 announced as Starbreeze reacquires rights to the game

Don't expect it anytime time soon though

Starbreeze announced yesterday that they have reacquired the rights to the Payday franchise for a price tag of $30 million. 

After the transaction Starbreeze will own the full rights to the Payday franchise for any future developments or commercialization, including Payday 2 and Payday for mobile platforms. Starbreeze will retain full net revenue from Payday 2 on the Steam platform starting retroactively from May 1st, 2016. Revenue generated by Payday 2: Crimewave Edition will continue to be split between the companies as before, and 505 Games will continue to publish the title. 

Furthermore, 505 Games will retain a 33% revenue share of Starbreeze's net revenues from future sales of PAYDAY 3 capped at 40 MUSD, and after Starbreeze has fully recouped its development and marketing costs.

Payday 2 will continue to get new content for the next 18 months, so players of the game can still look forward to fresh gameplay. No other details on Payday 3 were announced, but we'll keep you updated as we hear.