Payday 2 sales top 1.5 million copies

We've been pretty obsessed with Payday 2 here in the GameZone offices. Since the game's release last month, we've been failing horribly at pulling off intricate heists nonstop. It seems we're not alone though; the sequel to Overkill's 2011 game Payday: The Heist has sold 1.58 million copies across all platforms.

According to Starbreeze, just 20% of the game's sales came through retail channels. The rest were sold through digital platforms like Steam, Xbox Live, and PSN. It's worth noting that Payday 2 was originally only planned as a digital release; a retail option was added a few months before the game's launch. Does this mean the inevitable Payday 3 will be digital only?

Either way, it's all good news for Starbreeze, Overkill, and 505 Games.