Pay what you want for SpaceChem on IndieGameStand

IndieGameStand now has a new title available for download. For a minimum of $1, you'll be able to snag SpaceChem, which has gone on to receive favorable reviews across the good ol' internet.

If you surpass the overall minimum (currently $1.73), you'll also be treated to the game's soundtrack, concept art, sketches, and screenshots. Of course, if you're feeling extra generous and pay $10, you'll receive Escape Goat, which was previously available on IndieGameStand, and the next title to hit the download shop.

As always, 10 percent of the proceeds from sales will go to a charity of the developer's choosing. This time around, Zachtronics Industries has decided on the Against Malaria Foundation.

As if this writing, you've got just over 77 hours to collect SpaceChem. Do it while it's cheap!


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