PAX East, why you trying to kick Jessica Nigri out?

PAX East has come and gone, but coverage is still making its way across the internet. But while my GameZone colleagues cover the interviews and previews, I think I'll post the other stuff. You know, the content that didn't require me to actually be at PAX East. So here we go!

Apparently, Jessica Nigri was asked to leave the major event over the weekend. The first instance was when she was wearing that amazing pink outfit that's exclusive to the Xbox 360 version of Lollipop Chainsaw. How dare they attempt to kick her out for that?!

The PAX East people didn't stop there, though. They asked her to leave a second time after she put on the regular cheerleader outfit that protagonist Juliet Starling wears in the game. According to Destructoid, the lovely Miss Nigri was told that she needed to put a sweater on to cover up. That makes absolutely no sense!

Why the awesome cosplayer would be asked to change outfits during the second day of PAX East remains a mystery. (You know what's not a mystery, though? Jessica Nigri's niceness, that's what!) Sure, there's that "no booth babes" policy, but she's not really a booth babe. She's, like, the official face of Lollipop Chainsaw. Come on!

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