PAX East 2017: Zelda-inspired Action-RPG, Decay of Logos reveals new gameplay trailer

Coming to PC and consoles.

The Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls have inspired no shortage of other game developers, and that trend will continue with the indie developer, Amplify Creations' Decay of Logos. The developers showed off an all-new trailer for the game (embedded above) which shows off large scale environments and carefully coordinated tactical combat. The developers aren't calling the game "open world" but say that the game will focus on "exploration, combat and resource management."

The Elk that you see the protagonist riding on will be at the center of everything you do in Decay of Logos and serves as a narrative device to convey emotion in contrast to the game's silent protagonist. From a game mechanics perspective, the Elk will help the player in combat, puzzle solving, and exploration.

Decay of Logos borrows a page from the Dark Souls playbook in regards to how it treats death. Each time you die, your character awakens from a nightmare back at the last place you camped and is penalized with temporarily reduced stats. Speaking of camps, it's worth noting that they are not as safe as they appear to be. While they are necessary for resting and recovering, the player can be ambushed while they sleep, so it's important always to be ready.

Decay of Logos is currently in development for PC and console and does not have a target release date at this time. If you'd like to check out more on the game, you can head over to their official website.

Source: [YouTube]