Patch 2.5 hits FF14: A Realm Reborn with tons of content and improvements

New hair and a new "Most Gentlemanly" pose.

It's going to be quite a wait before we can see Final Fantasy 14's expansion, Heavensward, hitting shelves — in light of that wait, Final Fantasy 14 is getting an update to help tide you over.

FF14's  update (2.51) will add to the main storyline, update Hildibrand's adventure, add achievements, change limits break, add new hair styles (shown under main photo) and so much more.

First off, Limit Break has been replaced by Adrenaline Rush in the Borderland Ruins. Adrenaline Rush will not be affected by party member actions and can be used by single players after filling the Adrenaline Rush gage. It is more or less the same, but affects each players role differently:

  • Tanks: Aegis Boon—Temporarily reduces damage taken by all party members by 50%.
  • Melee DPS: Raw Destruction—delivers an attack to a single target.
  • Ranged Magic DPS: Cometeor—Deals unaspected damage to all enemies near point of impact.
  • Healer/Ranged Physical DPS: Empyrean Rain—Restores 50% of own HP and the HP of all nearby party members, as well as cure all status effects.

On the content front, a new 24 person raid, The World of Darkness, that will end the Crystal Tower storyline. There will also be a new mini-game and the 'Odin battle.' The mini-game comes from FF 8 and will have players battle NPC's as well as other players. There will be 80 cards when it releases. The Odin battle will bring Urth's Fount, an 8 player battle with intricate mechanics.

Along with these changes came the "Most Gentlemanly" pose (shown in album above) and a bunch of new quests

Check out the details here!

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