Parts of Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass DLC will be free; Season Pass buyers to be compensated

Woo, compensation!

Ubisoft recently announced that some of the content intended to be a part of Watch_Dogs 2 upcoming "No Compromise" DLC will no longer be hidden behind a paywall, but players who bought the Season Pass will not get cheated out on content, they will be compensated.

The new team based PvP mode, "Showd0wn", was initially intended to be a part of the "No Compromise" DLC, but Ubisoft decided that splitting the multiplayer base was not a smart move. So instead of locking the new PvP mode behind a paywall, the entire multiplayer update that was planned to be DLC content will now be free and it includes new multiplayer features for drones, motocross, and eKart races, as well as new random events in the shape of loot trucks.

To access all the other parts of "No Compromise" players will still need to purchase the Season Pass, the new story missions and such will not be accessible for free.

Paying players will have no reason to worry that their purchased DLC suddenly got slimmer. Ubisoft will be giving those who purchased the Season Pass new outfits and missions that they hadn't planned to include in the Season Pass.

According to Watch Dogs 2's live producer, Kris Young, there were two reasons for Ubisoft making the multiplayer section of the DLC free. One was that having a big multiplayer base is healthy for a game and makes it live longer, splitting up the multiplayer base is not a smart move unless your multiplayer base is huge. The other reason was that they listened to community feedback, the community wanted more multiplayer content, Ubisoft listened, and the community got more content.

"There are two main drivers behind making Showd0wn free for all of our players. The first is that we want everyone to be able to participate and play it. We really wanted to have as many people as possible playing the mode for a better challenge, better matchmaking time and quality, and a healthier, more active community."

"The other is community feedback we’ve received since we announced the original plans. Our community asked for more multiplayer content, and that’s also a reason why we’ve decided to make Showd0wn accessible for free for all players, while replacing it with more single-player content in No Compromise."

The "No Compromise" DLC will be available to download for Season Pass owners, or for purchase, on April 18 for PS4 and on May 18 for Xbox One and PC, and it will pack in new content to replace Showd0wn.