Paragon details its extensive plans for 2017

More heroes, more content

Paragon is one of the few Early Access games that PlayStation gamers have been able to get their hands on (for free), and the developers have re-affirmed their commitment to the growing game in a post on PlayStation Blog. Paragon's player base steadily grew throughout the year, now totaling roughly 5.7 million players. So what exactly does developer Epic Games have in store for the MOBA?

Here's a breakdown.

  • New heroes will continue to roll out every three weeks.
  • These new heroes will be more balanced to include a greater number of ranged types.
  • The card system is getting a complete redesign top to bottom.
  • There will be new modes such as PvP, which will feature shorter and faster matches to get you in and out of the game a lot quicker.

    • There will also be a PvE co-op mode 
  • Matchmaking system version 2.0
  • Game balance tweaks
  • All-new banners that will add your personal signature to every kill
  • New skins and variations of old skins
  • "Hero Mastery" improvements
  • Loot crates
  • Re-works of old heroes
  • Competitive play will be enhanced via a full Ranked Mode
  • Eventually, there will be Paragon Invitationals for competitive players to take part in.
  • More marketing for the game will roll out to grow the player base even further.

Paragon is free-to-play and available now on PS4 and PC.

Source: [PlayStation Blog]