Paradox Launches Rise of Prussia

March 9, 2010

Paradox Launches Rise of Prussia

Decide the Outcome of the Seven
Years’ War in AGEOD’s Rise of Prussia, Now Available via Digital Distribution

Paradox Interactive and AGEOD’s
18th-Century strategy game, Rise of Prussia, is now available for purchase via
digital distributors. Until March 15, anyone who purchases Rise of Prussia via
participating digital distributors will receive a 75% off AGEOD’s title Birth of
America 2.

A demo of Rise of Prussia is
available for download, to give prospective buyers a taste of the Seven Years’
War-themed title. A list of download mirrors can be found at:

Rise of Prussia Features:

  • Over 100 new leaders with
    individual portraits, and 300 types of units

  • 10 Scenarios:

    • 1 Battle Scenario, Saxony 1756,
      to enter the game

    • 6 Annual Campaign Scenarios, for
      each year between 1757 and 1763

    • 1 Grand Campaign Scenario

    • 2 Tutorial Scenarios

  • Map covering all of Germany and
    surrounding vicinity, with over 1,000 different regions offering plenty of
    room for maneuvering

  • New events and a wide set of
    options for you to customize your strategy

  • Streamlined command system based
    on the hierarchy system seen in American Civil War and Napoleon’s Campaigns,
    allowing for historical army command, organization, and structure

  • Brand new system for recruiting
    units, allowing players to choose and purchase forces during the annual and
    grand campaigns

  • New system of historical events,
    allowing multiple-choice events and answers, enhancing flexibility and
    increasing replayability

  • Additional interface helpers
    introduced to ease player interaction with the game, like the new Army
    Outliner system

  • New functionalities to find your
    armies and see your supplies and assets

  • Advanced AI

  • Widely extended manual and player

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