Papo & Yo developer announces tragic love story Cali for PS4 and Xbox One

Vander Caballero wants you to fall in love with an A.I. character in his next game.

The creative director of Minority Media revealed at the Game Developers Conference this week that his next game will be called Cali. It's a tragic love story coming for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, he said.

The details aren't exactly clear-cut as one listing shows that Cali is being developed for iOS, Android, and the Cloud. Caballero's last game, Papo & Yo, told the story of a boy who escapes into a fantasy world away from his abusive father, who there takes the form of an angry, violent beast. The title launched in August 2012 for PlayStation Network and followed later on PC and Mac.

Minority Media's mobile game Silent Enemy — about a boy who leaves a place of permanent winter for sprintime — is due in the coming months.

Via: IGN