Panzer Dragoon: Remake flies to PC and PlayStation 4 very soon

Xbox One following a bit later

One of the best Nintendo Switch exclusives will soon arrive on all other major gaming platforms. Publisher Forever Entertainment has shared the good news that gamers on the PC and PS4 will be the first to experience Panzer Dragoon: Remake ‘very soon’.

Details about the changes and improvements for the unveiled ports are slim but the developers are promising to share news about the PC and PS4 versions in the near future. The remake was originally planned to release on PC last year but alas things didn’t go as planned.

It was the Nintendo Switch that received Panzer Dragoon: Remake first, earlier this year. The remake included the first two titles of the series with vastly improved visuals. How could it not? The original came out on the Sega Saturn in the mid-90s!

A new, remade version of the Panzer Dragoon game – true to the original, with improved graphics and controls, that suit modern gaming standards! On a far, lone planet, you encounter two dragons awaken from the ancient times. Armed with a deadly gun from the past, and the guidance of your armored blue dragon, you must fulfill your destiny and keep the Prototype Dragon from reaching the Tower or die trying.

There’s good reason to be excited since the original Panzer Dragoon games were criminally overlooked during its initial launch. That didn’t stem from the games’ quality though but more because the Sega Saturn simply was a huge failure.

This relegated the series into niche territory. But thanks to the remake the entire gaming audience will soon be able to rectify this error. Yes, Panzer Dragoon: Remake will also come to Xbox One. The studio has confirmed that much on Twitter and stated that it’s planned to happen a little while after the PC & PS4 ports.

Panzer Dragoon: Remake offers two of the best Saturn games and arguably two of the best rail-shooter/RPG experiences of all time. With the most recent entry in the franchise being close to two decades old, the genre is all but dead these days but that doesn’t detract them from being deserving cult classics.