PAL regions get two special editions of The Last of Us

Sony Europe today showcased two special edition versions of The Last of Us, available only across PAL regions. Fans in those regions can choose to pre-order the Joel Edition or the Ellie Edition. Both versions contain the same items more or less, the only difference being the character that is featured.

The Joel Edition includes the following, all neatly wrapped in a canvas wrap:

  • Mini Art book
  • DualShock 3 control skin featuring Joel
  • The Last of Us XMB wallpaper
  • The Last of Us mini comic
  • A screen print effect poster
  • The Last of Us original soundtrack
  • LittleBigPlanet Joel Sackboy costume
  • Survival Pack DLC

The Ellie Edition includes the same items, but with — as you probably guessed it — Ellie as the star instead of Joel. Below are the two trailers for each special edition to give you a better idea for what they contain. The Last of Us special editions can be purchased for €79.99.

Joel Edition

Ellie Edition