Overkill Software to Remove All Payday 2 DLC from Steam Store for Ultimate Edition; Future Updates Will Be Free

Haven't picked up Payday 2 yet? Now's the time.

Remember Payday 2? It's a few years old, sure. But developers Overkill Software have announced the Ultimate Edition, which offers the entire game with all existing content, and all future content will be free.

Payday 2 Ultimate Edition will be released on June 8 for $45 with everything included. For those who already own Payday 2 and don't wish to buy the Ultimate Edition, DLC will be 85% off until June 8, upon which the DLC will be taken off the Steam page and the Ultimate Edition will be placed.

Even if you miss that deal, there will also be an upgrade option to Ultimate Edition via the same Steam page. The price will differ depending on how many DLCs are already owned.

In their blog post about the Ultimate Edition, Overkill Software addressed some concerns, including the question of supporting Payday 2 after the Ultimate Edition. Their answer, "We’ve actually decided to support PAYDAY 2 even longer than originally planned. Previously we announced that we were going to stop at the end of 2017. But now we’ve extended development until October 2018."

They've also announced that the console versions of Payday 2 will receive news on additional content as it is made available for them and that there is a Nintendo Switch version in the works.