Over 200,000 Registered TRIBES 2 Players Online

July 27, 2001 – Bellevue, WA

Over 200,000 Registered TRIBES 2
Players Online

Sierra (http://www.sierra.com) today
announced that over 200,000 people have registered to play TRIBES(tm) 2 online.
Accomplished in only four months after the game’s release, this milestone comes
shortly after the most recent update, raking in registrations at an unbelievably
rapid rate.

"There are now over 200,000
TRIBES 2 competitors and spectators out there," said Alex Rodberg, brand
manager for TRIBES 2. "The community has really embraced the game, and we
saw a dramatic increase in the rate of registrations after the last TRIBES
update. We’re fast on track to reaching our goal of a million TRIBES 2

The most innovative first person
action franchise takes team-based warfare to new heights with TRIBES 2, where
only superior teamwork and cunning tactics will ensure a Tribe’s survival. With
unprecedented innovations to team-based play and in-game communications, massive
multiplayer support and new vehicles and weapons, TRIBES 2 is the ultimate
team-based action experience.

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