Over 8 million viewers tuned into the League of Legends season 2 finals

This isn’t an exaggeration, during the Azubu Frost vs. the Taipei Assassins matches of the League of Legends season 2 championship finals there were over 8,282,000 unique streams and television coverage (worldwide) watching the matches.  That is a massive number, ridiculously high even.  You have to think too, if that is how many streams and TVs were watching the best of five matches, how many people were watching per stream?  Whoa.

With numbers like that, this past October 13th will be one for the books.  You better believe there are more stats than just those.  8,000 + traveled from around the entire planet to attend the live event.  At the peak of the stream there was over 1,154,000 people watching online alone, this number doesn’t include TV viewers in China and Korea. 

Here’s the kicker, during the entirety of the League of Legends World Playoffs, people watched over 24,230,688 hours of LoLHOLY HELL.  I keep saying it, but LoL is only going to continue to snowball with eSports.  With that said, I say bring it.