Over 8 Million Users Participated In Battlefield 3 Open Beta, DICE Reveals

DICE posted an infographic on the Battlefield Blog today, summing up the Battlefield 3 Open Beta experience and revealing some pretty interesting statistics, along with some real world implications to go with them.

What many consider to be the most important figure, roughly 8 million users played the Battlefield 3 Open Beta.  Exactly 8,125,310 users participated in the open beta experience, which if you didn't know, is enough people to fill the entire city of New York.  DICE didn't detail how crammed it would be, though.

That massive player count resulted in 47 billion shots fired and 1.5 billion kills.  1.5 billion is equal to 1/2 the liters of beer consumed across the world in 2011.  Among the other statistics mentioned include the longest headshot recorded, total regenerated health, and M-COM stations "bit the dust".

Of course, these numbers are all fluff.  What's really the most important thing here is what DICE takes away from player feedback, playtesting, and other useful numbers, and how they use those numbers to implement changes to Battlefield 3.  Battlefield 3's open beta received heavy criticism for buggy gameplay, which DICE suggested was a result of "month old" software being used in the open beta.

Still, DICE has confirmed that many of the bugs have been fixed and that the full release of Battlefield 3 in a week will be bug free.