Over 3.5 million tombs have been raided, other Tomb Raider stats released by Square Enix

A number of rather interesting statistics have been released by publisher Square Enix for Tomb Raider. This isn't data based on the sales of the game or the number of people currently playing. Instead, they're in-game stats tracking how many crabs have been killed, how many tombs have been raided, and so on.

The rundown of Tomb Raider stats as of March 16 is as follows:

  • 5,294,879 deer killed
  • 1,417,750 crabs killed
  • 13,742,891 near death escapes
  • 11,067,764 enemy attacks dodged
  • 147,675,058 enemy kills using arrows
  • 20,601,083 enemy kills using fire arrows
  • 356,988,302 arrows recovered from fallen enemies
  • 3,570,956 tombs raided

It's been two days since these stats were updated by Square Enix, so you have to believe that the numbers have increased a bit. In any case, it's a nice rough estimate of just how much effort Tomb Raider players have invested in the game.

*Sigh* Poor crabs.

[Square Enix]

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