Over 10,000 PS4s were sold on eBay during launch weekend; 13,000 active listings

Gamers desperate for a PlayStation 4, who don't mind paying a little extra, should head to eBay. The online auction site is currently home to approximately 13,000 PS4 listings (as of November 18). Granted, the prices are a little inflated due to the lack of supply and growing demand for the next-gen system, but it doesn't appear to be discouraging buyers.

From November 15 through November 17, the three days following the launch of the PS4, more than 10,000 PS4 units were sold on eBay. That's more than two systems sold every minute, as it was pointed out to us. And since November 1, more than 15,000 PS4 units have been sold on eBay in total.

Pretty impressive numbers, but not unexpected. The reselling of game systems (or any newly released hot-ticket item) is hardly anything new. It's not uncommon for people to purchase multiple systems, keep one, and then sell the rest at a more expensive price to turn a little profit.

"With more than 70% of all items sold on eBay being in new condition, eBay is a great place for shoppers to get their hands on the new consoles this holiday, with anticipated inventory throughout the season, when they are sold out everywhere else," an eBay representative told GameZone.

Is it right resell these new items at a marked up price? Probably not morally, but definitely legally. Sony still gets their money from the initial sales, so the only person really getting screwed over are the consumers. Unless, of course, you don't mind paying a little extra.

Prices for PlayStation 4 systems on eBay range anywhere from $450 to a whopping $25,000. Comparatively, if purchased through a standard retailer you'll pay $399 plus tax. Opting for the latter will obviously save you some money, but you'll also be waiting as most retailers are all out of units.

Sony has said the PS4 will be in "good supply" for the holiday season, but do you want to risk the dangers of going into the wild with those crazy holiday shoppers?

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