Ouya showing 10 exclusive games at GDC 2014

Today Ouya announced a bunch of new games that it will be showing off at the Game Developers Conference this month, and 10 of them are exclusives.

Knightmare Tower developer Juicy Beast is introducing its 2D local-multiplayer platformer Toto Temple Deluxe, which launches in April. That Dragon, Cancer, arriving later this year, will make an appearance as well.

Other exclusive titles include Duck Game, a multiplayer arena deathmatch coming in spring; Cascade, a new title from the makers of Ouya hit Amazing Frog; side-scrolling beat-em-up and puzzle-adventure Reagan Gorbachev (think ninjas meet politics); and four-person multiplayer game LAZA KNITEZ!!, which is about cosmic knights on space steeds. It launches March 12.

Also appearing at GDC is Neverending Nightmares, a horror game inspired by mental illness that's one of the 10 games Ouya is funding in its goal to fund $1 million worth of games. Thralled is a story about a mother and her child that's due this fall. And Whispering Willows is a horror adventure about ghosts.

Finally, Knight & Damsel is a two-player, split-screen race between a knight and a princess to see who rescues who.

Ouya has added nearly 700 games to the Android microconsole's library since it launched for Kickstarter backers in March 2013 and then at retail in June 2013. "And, for those of you who are wondering, 675 games in less than a year is more than any other console has ever done," Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman wrote in an update yesterday. "We have 10 times more games than when we started, and new game submissions keep coming in, every week."