Ouya owners are freeloaders — only 27 percent pay for games

The $8-million worth Android microconsole is struggling to gain momentum after launch, and now Ouya chief executive officer Julie Uhrman has revealed that only 27 percent of owners have purchased a game.

That leaves 73 percent who are only interested in free-to-play demos.

"Monetization on Ouya is so far better than we expected," Uhrman told The Verge. "It takes time to build what traditional consoles have had decades to build. "

She also mentioned that 13 of the console's 20 top-grossing games have had 8 percent of players upgrade to full versions — that's the average rate.

"These numbers will grow as more gamers pick up consoles and as we attract more developers, and I believe that by the end of the year, we'll see a few developers telling us they've made more than a million dollars on Ouya," she said.

Matt Thorson's archery-arena game Towerfall is looking like the best bet, so we'll see how sales add up by then. So far, Towerfall has made about $21,000, but most developers have only earned hundreds of dollars or around $6,000 at best.

Source: Polygon

Photo credit: Richard Drew/The Associated Press