OUYA + NVIDIA Tegra 3 = possible early access to game developers

Look, when you’re only looking for $950,000 to kick off a new console but end up making close to 5 million (currently with 23 days to go still), things change.  I’m talking about you OUYA.  This thing is so hot right now like Hansel.  The Kickstarter gods are in your favor, roll with it. 

The new news on this puppy is that the OUYA is working with NVIDIA for this project.  To maximize the performance they are looking at the Tegra 3 chip to put inside the OUYA.  On top of that, the OUYA team is talking about getting game developers an early access raw circuit board and software.  This is still in the “might consider” phase; but hey, it’s something.  If this happens, it should lead to more games for the official release.

If you aren’t a member of the OUYA band wagon yet, you still got 23 days left on the Kickstarter – you’re good.


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