Ouya game sales fail to match the Kickstarter’s success

Ouya only came out this year, but it's off to a slow start. Most of the games in the microconsole's modest library are struggling to make money — a disappointing thought considering its nearly 62,000 Kickstarter backers and over $8 million in crowdfunding.

Towerfall is definitely the biggest at $21,000, but that's an exception. Nimble Quest, a free-to-play game with in-app purchases, has earned about $427 in net profit from over 6,000 downloads. Another title, Red, just "broken even." On the other hand, the role-playing game Ravensword: Shadowlands has made somewhere between $3,000 and $6,000.

From the reports available, many of the games are generating around or way under $5,000 — especially after Ouya takes its cut.

Of course, there are developers who haven't revealed their sales numbers, but this is an average look at performance on the Android-based console. It's slow, bleak progress, and Ouya will need a much bigger push to gain momentum.

Ouya still claims a relatively small community, but given widespread negative reviews, I'm skeptical it will flourish.

Source: IGN