Outspark Launches Closed Beta for Blackshot

September 25, 2008


Open Enrollment Begins for Entry into Outspark’s Free-to-Play First-Person
Shooter Game

Outspark, a leading virtual playground filled with online community-based games
for all ages, today announced the closed beta test for its newest title, the
free-to-play militaristic first-person shooter Blackshot. Aspiring guns for hire
can register for a free Outspark account and apply for the Closed Beta Test now
at www.playblackshot.com
The Test lasts from September 30 to October 5, 2008.

Blackshot hurls participants into a virtual war
zone filled with fierce head-to-head action. As powerful nations compete for
money and resources, players must take on the role of a mercenary and battle one
another for status and rewards in the game’s dangerous environments. Featuring
powerful weapons, lifelike characters and gritty urban backdrops, Blackshot’s
intense multiplayer action is designed for gamers of all skill levels.

“We’re bringing an exciting new type of
multiplayer game to our active community with Blackshot,” said Susan Choe,
founder and CEO of Outspark. “This immersive and challenging first-person
shooter will provide our members with a new way to compete against one another
and have fun. Innovative features like the game’s player-versus-environment mode
invite gamers to come and enjoy a quick battle or an afternoon of fun with their

Features of the Blackshot Closed Beta include:

• 4 battle-ready mercenaries to choose from
• 17 powerful weapons including assault rifles, machine guns and grenades
• 7 varied maps and 3 challenging game modes
• More than 30 pieces of armor to customize your character

To support the CBT launch of Blackshot, Outspark
has partnered with IGN’s FilePlanet (www.fileplanet.com) on a promotion to give
away beta keys. “We’re excited to be working with FilePlanet for the Blackshot
Closed Beta Test,” said Wilson Kriegel, Outspark Vice President of Marketing and
Business Development. “As a premier online destination for high quality
downloadable games, FilePlanet is the perfect partner for us to bring our latest
game to market.”

Following the conclusion of the Closed Beta,
Blackshot will be available to worldwide audiences with an Open Beta launch
later this year.