Outlaw Golf, Others, Being Brought to Xbox by Simon & Schuster


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BW)(NY-SIMON-&-SCHUSTER/XBOX)(VIA) Simon & Schuster Interactive to
Publish Entertainment Titles for Microsoft Xbox Game System; Humor and Action
Games Slated for 2002 Release


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YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 24, 2001–Simon & Schuster Interactive
announced today the Company will be publishing entertainment titles for the
Xbox(TM) video game system. The first title "Outlaw Golf" is
scheduled to ship in early 2002. It will be followed by an action / adventure
game which will be announced soon.


Siegel, vice president and creative director of Simon & Schuster
Interactive commented on Xbox. "We’re very excited about publishing on
future generation console systems. Xbox has been designed from the ground up
as a performance machine and we’re looking forward to creating some unique
kick butt titles for it."



a hardcore physics engine and a take-no-prisoners attitude, OUTLAW GOLF takes
the sport to the extreme. Outrageous courses include the
far-from-the-professional-circuit Newark Municipal Course, where you can enjoy
the ear-splitting noise and vibrations from planes taking off at Newark
Airport; a very sandy course somewhere in the Nevada desert; and a course
built (with much forethought) on a swamp, where caddies are in mortal danger
from attacking alligators.


golfers in OUTLAW GOLF are all rejects from the classier private clubs.
There’s Doc Digler, with his stripper girlfriends and more malpractice suits
than you can shake a club at – talk about hacking and slicing…and we mean in
the operating room; Killer Miller, a convicted murderer who was on Death Row
until he got released on a technicality; and a host of other social outcasts
from an "Eminem" wannabe to a pimp, who happens to have excellent


GOLF also includes a driving range, which can only be described as somewhere
between a carnival funhouse and a roadside freakshow. Here, players can
compete in skill building competitions like golf darts — where precision is
everything — and automobile windshield smashing — where the more windows you
destroy, the higher your score.


OUTLAW GOLF, you’ll also find our scientifically perfected Composure Response
System (CRS). The better you play, the smoother the controls become; but the
worse you play, the harder the controls get — just like in real life, the
worse you play, the harder it is to regain your composure and focus. But don’t
worry because the CRS helps you regain your composure — by beating up your
caddy! Yes, each golfer comes complete with his or her caddy full of advice
and with the ability to withstand a terrible punishment. Of course, if you
push that delicate balance, your caddy will leave and you’ll be on your own.
Till then, take it out on your caddy and get back in control. In OUTLAW GOLF
your daddy’s pastime becomes a full contact sport.



GOLF will be available for Xbox in Spring 2002.



Xbox titles will be rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).
All advertising and promotional materials currently carry a "RP" or
"Rating Pending" logo. More information on the ESRB and its rating
system can be found at www.esrb.org.


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