Outlast 2 creators are making a 100% real companion diaper called ‘Underscares’ that you can buy

Oh yeah, they're real.

If the first Outlast scared the sh*t out of you, then you'll be happy to hear that the developers at Red Barrels have a solution to your pant-ruining situation. In light of Outlast 2's upcoming release, Red Barrels has created a companion to the game, diapers.

Yes, it's real. The Underscares are 100% real and you can buy them (and get the game with them). Red Barrels has taken to Kickstarter to fund the Underscares.

Funding the Underscares will not just get you your own diaper with a bunch of fancy features, it will also get you an Outlast 2 Steam Key. The best part is that there isn't just one type of Underscares, but three. You have your choice between the DYI Underscares ($10), the basic Underscares ($55) and the deluxe Underscares ($75).

The basic diapers feature things like…

  • The Ultra-Mesh Sewage Suppressor Butt Grid
  • Liquid-Lock Elastic Thigh Portals
  • Middle Morph Stretch Waistband
  • Midnight Brownout Abrasion Resistant Fabric

The deluxe edition features all that, plus…

  • Fatasp Flavour-Ready Drink Pocket
  • Lilwuss Wearable Night Light
  • Middle Morph Reinforced Waist Support

The production of Underscares is fully dependent and based on the success or failure of the Kickstarter.