Outland, Bloodrayne: Betrayal free for PS Plus subscribers

If you never played Outland, shame on you! Seriously, shame! That game was great. Hell, why am I talking about it as if it's dead? Outland is great! Don't believe me? Read my review from last year and see how much sexy praise I shower the game with.

Don't worry, though. If you haven't played Outland, there's still a chance for you to redeem yourself. Tomorrow, the Housemarque-developed bullet-hell hack-and-slash platformer (Yup, all of those!) will be available for free on the PlayStation Network to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. So please, redeem yourself. Play Outland.

In addition to that awesome game, Bloodrayne: Betrayal will also be available for free on Sony's digital download platform. GameZone's own Joe Donato wasn't too impressed by that one, and the game ended up receiving either really great review scores or really low review scores. I guess you'll be able to judge it for yourself.

I never played Betrayal myself, so it goes without saying that I'll be giving it a download tomorrow. Oh, don't you judge me for not playing it. You haven't even played Outland!

[PlayStation Blog]

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