Out of the Park Baseball 10 Announced

February 27, 2009

Out of the Park Baseball 10

With Major League spring training
getting underway, sports fans’ thoughts are turning to baseball once again. For
thousands of baseball fans, spring training also means gearing up for the latest
edition of Out of the Park Development’s award-winning baseball management
series, Out of the Park Baseball, which GameSpot called "the closest thing we’ve
got to Major League baseball in a box." OOTP Developments is proud to announce
the beginning of the preorder period for Out of the Park Baseball 10 ("OOTP
10"), their most ambitious baseball management simulation to date.

OOTP 10, scheduled for release in
Spring 2009 for PC, Mac, and Linux, is a further evolution of the game that
GameSpy said, "is firmly atop the baseball general manager simulation heap,"
offering gamers the ultimate in realistic baseball simulation. With a completely
revised individual pitch model and a host of other new and improved features,
OOTP 10 offers something for new and existing customers alike. Lead Developer
Markus Heinsohn has a long track record of involvement with his fan base, and
this year was no exception. "We think that OOTP 10 will be the best game we have
ever created," said Heinsohn, "and much of that is thanks to our community. So
many of our feature ideas come from our fans, and there’s so many great ideas we
haven’t even gotten to yet! We are very excited to have been around so long, and
that we are still able to grow the game and its fan base each year. There’s no
reason to think we won’t be around for another 10 versions!"

Core Game Features

  • 2009 Major League Rosters – Play
    with a complete Major League setup, including all affiliated minor leagues,
    with thousands of accurately rated players placed on their 2009 Opening Day
    rosters, right down through rookie league, for the ultimate in Major League
    gaming experience!

  • Solo or online play – Enjoy solo
    play with practically unlimited replayability, or join an online league and
    compete with other human GMs for the ultimate management challenge.

  • Historical mode – Play with real
    leagues, teams, or players from any historical Major League season from 1871
    through 2008.

  • Multiple, flexible styles of play
    – Mimic real-world baseball. Create a completely fictional baseball world.
    Perform a historical replay of the 1968 season. Heck, do a combination of all
    of these! OOTP offers unmatched flexibility in setting up the kind of baseball
    universe you want.

  • Complete general management – If a
    GM does it in real life, you can probably do it in OOTP. Define scouting
    budgets. Make trades. Handle the amateur draft. Scour the waiver wire. Sign
    free agents. Negotiate contract extensions. Demote and promote players within
    your organization. You can even define depth charts, lineups, and pitching
    staffs for every team in your organization. It’s all up to you! Of course, if
    that’s a little overwhelming, you can choose to delegate some or all of these
    functions to your team personnel, too.

  • Play-by-play mode – In OOTP, you
    can choose to fulfill solely the general manager duties, or you can take over
    on the bench as well, playing out any games you wish with our detailed
    play-by-play engine. Choose defensive strategies, make substitutions on the
    fly, and give the hitter that "swing away" sign. OOTP will "call" the play
    with an ongoing stream of announcer text, almost as if you were listening to
    the radio!

  • Realistic statistical engine –
    With OOTP, you can enjoy a realistic statistical engine based on modern
    baseball theory such as DIPS. See your players perform in a consistent,
    realistic manner over ten, twenty, even fifty simulated years, and watch as
    your own Hall of Fame grows before your eyes.

  • League report generation – OOTP
    can generate a staggering set of HTML reports for your league, containing
    individual reports for each player, team, and league in your game.

  • Unparalleled customizability –
    Customization has long been the hallmark of OOTP. Options within the game
    allow you to define precisely how you want your baseball universe to operate,
    from the # of leagues, divisions, and teams in your league to the rules for
    these leagues, including finances, free agency, waiver rules, roster sizes,
    and more.

Key Enhancements in OOTP 10

  • Redesigned Pitching System –
    OOTP’s newly recoded pitch system adds individual pitch ratings and reworks
    the endurance/role system and the impact of velocity and groundball percentage
    in the game engine, resulting in the most realistic game and player
    development engine on the planet! Will your veteran ace keep his blazing
    fastball for another year? Will the youngster develop that promising changeup
    and become a dominating starter? This new system will change the way you play

  • Customizable In-Game Screen – A
    new in-game screen will feature ‘widgets’ which can be activated and freely
    moved around on the screen. That way, users can adjust the info they see to
    their preferences and screen resolution.

  • Inaugural Draft With Budgets – Now
    the user can set team budgets before an inaugural draft takes place, either
    all balanced, individually, or based on city population. Player have contract
    demands which combined must not exceed your draft budget, and the manager has
    to keep an eye on the budget when making his picks. The old mode without
    budgets is still available as well, of course. Can you draft the perfect team?

  • Improved Arbitration & Free Agent
    Compensation – The arbitration period now work as in real life. Players state
    their demand, and teams set their maximum offer or do not offer arbitration at
    all, in which case the player becomes a free agent. If the team submits an
    offer, an arbitrator will rule in favor of either the team or the player. On
    top of that, players eligible for free agency need to be offered arbitration
    as well if the team wants to receive compensation once the player signs with a
    different team. Compensation now follow real major league rules, and a
    supplemental first draft round has been added to the first-year player draft.

OOTP 10 is available for preorder
for PC, Mac, and Linux for $29.99. This is a savings of $10 off of the final
release price of $39.99. Customers who preorder can also download the game two
days before the official launch! (Customers in the European Union pay ç29.99 for
preorder, and ç39.99 after release.) Preorders and further information can be
found at