Original Duke Nukem platformers bring the 2D action on GOG.com for $6

Before delving into the world of FPS action and over-the-top tomfoolery, Duke Nukem was a simple man. Of course, those were simpler times, so it only makes sense that before all of those crazy shenanigans were a couple of 2D action-platformers aptly titled Duke Nukem and Duke Nukem 2.

You can score both of these side-scrolling titles on GOG.com for $5.99. It's a nice trip back in time and a great way for newer fans to see how "the king" got his start.

The first Duke Nukem features a total of three episodes while Duke Nukem 2 spans four episodes. What you get is a total of 30 levels of platforming, which a lot of folks don't often associate with the series.

I'm curious to see how these games stack up to Duke Nukem Forever, which I actually liked despite the negative reception. Hey! It was an okay game, all right?!


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