Original BioShock now available on iOS

Missed out on Rapture when the original BioShock released? Fret not, as you can now venture into the underwater Utopia torn apart by a civil war — straight from your iOS device.

2K has announced the release of BioShock for compatible iOS devices. Claiming to be "one of the greatest first-person shooters of all time," BioShock is priced at $14.99. I can't imagine the iOS version is better than the console experience, but I'll reserve my full judgment until I've played it on the handheld device.

As fellow GameZone editor Austin Wood wrote earlier this month, "If BioShock iOS plays even remotely like our first trip to Rapture, it will be popular. If it at least manages to introduce the game’s masterful writing and atmosphere to iPhone users around the world, it will still do work in the long-run: getting more people to experience BioShock, if only by running to the full version to see what all the fuss is about. That’s money in 2K’s pocket, new gamers—and therefore, new ideas—in the industry, and a massive step forward for the mobile scene."