Orbotix’s Sphero gains its first augmented reality app named Sharky The Beaver

Perhaps I’m simple mined in many aspects of life, but anything that is augmented reality still blows my mind.  The moment video equipment can start altering how I perceive something and even what I perceive, my mind start going.  With all that said, I love getting my mind blown.

The Orbotix made Sphero is the robotic ball that works as a Bluetooth control gaming console.  With both iOS and Android compatibility, this ball can be controlled by your smart phone.  While controlling the Sphero with your phone is a pretty fun experience, there are also 20+ apps for this ever growing robot.  Some games involve controlling the ball via phone and other games involve you using the ball as a sort of controller in your hand.

Today, November 16th, Orbotix is releasing their very first augmented reality app for the Sphero.  The app is called Sharky The Beaver.  This app will create a 3-dimensional character for you to control from your iOS or Android device.  You will view the Sphero as Sharky on your device of choice.  Through this app, you can launch cupcakes for Sharky to devour; they are his favorite food after all.

Watch the video below for Sharky The Beaver below.  The Sphero will only continue advancing its capabilities and potential.  Today, augmented reality.  Tomorrow, the world.    

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