Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer The Soviet Campaign Announced

          September 25, 2001

Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer – The Soviet Campaign

Operation Flashpoint’s Cold War crisis is about to experience complete
role reversal.  Players of Codemasters’ award-winning military action
simulator will soon be given the chance to join the revolution and fight on
the side of the Soviets, the enemy in the original game.

This new perspective on the chart topping PC game’s campaign will be revealed
when Codemasters launches Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer – The Soviet
for $9.99 in December 2001.  This incredible add-on pack will
require the original Operation Flashpoint and provides a battalion of new

Originally developed by the Codemasters Quality Assurance Team as a
modification (mod) told from the Russian perspective, the near professional
quality of the game impressed Codemasters producers.  It became clear that
with additional development, including an expanded storyline, additional cut
scenes and professional voice acting, Red Hammer would prove to be a
great value to the ever-increasing Operation Flashpoint community.

To cover the expense of the development team and the voice acting, while
keeping the price to the consumer to an absolute minimum, Operation
Flashpoint: Red Hammer
will be available online only for owners of
Operation Flashpoint as a boxed product or download for a mere $9.99.

With over a half million copies of the original game sold in just under three
months, Codemasters is expecting massive interest in Operation Flashpoint: Red
Hammer.  The game delivers a completely new campaign with 20 new missions, a
new lead character, new Russian-accent voiceovers and fresh cut scenes that
unravel the single-player narrative.

Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer sees the player back on the islands,
only this time as Dimitri Lukin of the Soviet force.  Dimitri is a tough
Soviet career soldier – a highly trained professional killer but one who has
suffered demotion in recent times.  More ruthless and menacing than the raw
American recruits, who populated the original game, Dimitri starts as a grunt
as the invasion of Everon Island begins.

Loyal to the cause and to Mother Russia, his early missions have him escorting
General Guba’s aide, Angelina, and fighting his way out when ambushed by
Resistance forces.  During the subsequent invasion of Malden Island, Dimitri
finds himself cut off, behind enemy lines.  Charged with rebuilding his unit,
scavenging equipment, and harrying the entrenched US forces, players must
ensure Dimitri’s safe return to Everon. The player has to employ successful
guerrilla tactics and spectacular helicopter-stealing escapes for Dimitri to
gain further promotion, but as the campaign continues, a personal war for
Dimitri is just beginning…

At just $9.99, Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer will be available to
all owners of Operation Flashpoint to order as a boxed product or download
from the Codemasters web site (
  ) in December.