Operation Save YoVille is a success! Game will remain live

Great news YoVille players, campaigners and fauthfuls. It looks like the game won't be shutting its doors on March 31st as officially planned, but instead it will stay online, allowing players to continue to live in their virtual world. Although, it doesn't seem like the game will be under Big Viking Games, the studio that created it and the same one that was trying to acquire the rights from Zynga. Instead, Zynga will be keeping it live, while discussing logistics with Big Viking Games and working together to help keep YoVille alive.

This was the official statement that Zynga made:

Dear YoVille Players,

We want to thank you for your continued support of YoVille over the last 5 years. The outpouring of love you have showed for YoVille, and your dedication to the communities you have nurtured over the years in the game has inspired all of us at Zynga. As some of you might know, we’ve had ongoing discussions with Big Viking Games, the original creators of YoVille, about ways we can work together to help keep the YoVille community alive. We are continuing to have those conversations and explore the future of YoVille and, as a result, will not be shutting down the game as planned on March 31.

We will have more updates to share with you soon, as our conversations with Big Viking Games progress and we determine next steps for the game, but we wanted to make sure you heard the news first as many of you have dedicated time over the last couple months to showing your support for YoVille and sharing your heartfelt stories about what the game means to you.


The Zynga Team

We've won the battle, but it seems like the war is still going on. This message doesn't mean the game is saved forever. It seems like Zynga and Big Viking Games need to reach some sort of agreement. Here is hoping for the best.

But for now, go rest YoVille Warriors. You deserve it.