Operation Rainfall now working to get The Last Story localized

When Nintendo announced that Xenoblade Chronicles was coming to North America, countless Wii owners rejoiced. After all, it seemed as though the Big N wasn't going to localize the RPG, despite the fact that it saw a lot of success in Japan. The game even made its way to Europe prior to being announced for North America, and as you can imagine, that angered a lot of people.

Operation Rainfall, a group consisting of RPG fans and Wii owners, has made it a point to contact Nintendo and demand answers. It got some answers when the big Xenoblade Chronicles reveal was made, but now, the group is focusing its efforts on another RPG: The Last Story.

Between January 27 and February 24, Operation Rainfall will be following Nintendo on the internet and contacting the company through Twitter and Facebook. Why has the group chosen this time frame? Because it's "The Last Story month." In other words, it's been one year since the launch month of the game, and these folks want to put Nintendo on notice.

I totally support Operation Rainfall's objective, and I really hope Nintendo listens up and releases The Last Story for North American Wii owners to enjoy. That game looks amazing, and it would be a great send-off for the Wii in addition to Xenoblade Chronicles. Do it, Nintendo!

Check out Operation Rainfall's blog and see if you'd like to join the effort to bring an impressive RPG to our side of the globe.