Open The English Version Of Arena Online  The RvR MMORPG

July 30, 2009

ONLINE THE RVR MMORPG On-line on the Web site 

This history born from the remote

Gods which were ruling the Universe,
decided to create a new life a new world and 3 new races to populate it. And so
Human, willing to know everything about the beings, Nordic, fighters which
respect only honor and courage and Elves, nature and harmony sons, born in ARENA
The Mind God was the ruler of this world and he begun to teach to Human beings
how to use the strength with the aim to create an absolute power to rule the
world over the other races.

But Gods discovered this plan and
their rage was terrible: Mind God should be killed and it was the war…

ARENA Online, published by
Kalicanthus Entertainment, is the new MMORPG 3D Fantasy free to play, available
on . The world is
inspired to Celtic and Slavic legends and each player can choose a race to play
and each race fight against the other two. Each character’s template can be
completely personalized and the growth of the character is skills based so each
player can create a Mage or a Warrior or any hybrid combination. To get
experience players can do hundreds of quests, can get experience killing mob
also in group or killing other player’s race. The entire world is Realm vs.
Realm based with some locations free of fight. Players can organize themselves
in guilds, but members must belong to one race and can participate to castle
siege every day. Guilds conquering a castle can earn Platinum defending it.
There are many events in the game like castle sieges, treasure chest event,
tournaments, Coliseum battles and so on. There is a crafting system well
developed and players can create their own weapons or armors to increase their
skills but they can also gather resources to get money and create potions or
enchantments. ARENA is continuously updated and new features are added every

Wizardry, battles, God palace.. an
hard MMO for hard players.. This is ARENA Online.. Only for the brave!