Open Beta for Runes of Magic in sight

December 4, 2008

Open Beta for Runes of Magic in

Big event to celebrate the end of
the closed beta

Frogster Interactive will open the
Runes of Magic servers for all players on Monday, December 15th. With the start
of the open beta, MMO interested players can explore the complete content that
has been integrated so far into the fantasy-online-roleplay-game. Additionally,
Frogster thanks all participants of the closed beta with a big farewell-event.

This version is open to all players
after a short registration on the official website  All players
that have registered so far, without being invited to the closed beta, will
receive automatic access to the open beta. All players that are already active
in the closed beta will keep their account. Right from the beta start the needed
client software can be downloaded already on various websites and on

Frogster thanks all closed beta
participants for their help in optimizing the game with a special ingame event
lasting several days, at the end of the three month long first test phase.
Beginning December 7th, darkness will befall Taborea and evil demons will start
terrorizing the game world. Accompanying the event, the official website will
continuously report about the communities efforts to repel the evil forces.
After the final of the event on December 10th, the servers will go offline for
last tests.

Daniel Ullrich, Director of Product
Management at Frogster is extremely pleased with the closed beta: “More than
170,000 registrations from players worldwide shortly before the start of the
open beta show us, that we are on the right track with Runes of Magic.” This
final test phase is likely to end in the first quarter of 2009 with the release
of the title, but all characters that have been played until then will be
available to the players after the game has been launched.

Runes of Magic is currently in
closed beta. Interested players can still apply for access to the beta test on  The
ambitious MMORPG project is scheduled to go into open beta with further
polishing and completely localized in the course of December.