Only 42% of players have finished Mass Effect 3

Continuing with this generation’s unfortunate trend, only 42 percent of players have finished Mass Effect 3, down considerably from Mass Effect 2’s 56 percent completion rate.

BioWare’s online development director Fernando Melo dropped the numbers today during a GDC Europe panel, which also included several other details pertaining to Shepard’s epic trilogy conclusion. To be fair, Melo did add that BioWare saw a considerable jump for Mass Effect 2’s completion rate leading up to the release of the third installment so players would have their perfect save file ready for action.

This news has us wondering whether or not the game’s controversial ending, argued by thousands of series fans, has played a role in this low percentage. Of course, the addition of the game’s excellent multiplayer component, which allows you to boost your single-player stats in a unique way, could have some gamers still on the edge of completion. Still, this ongoing trend of dropping completion rates for all games continues to be a problem; something all developers have to now take into account during the development process.

Have you finished Mass Effect 3? Are you normally a gamer that finished the main story for your games or do some get brushed aside for multiplayer or other various reasons? Let us know by commenting below.

Source: [GameInformer]