OnLive Adds Several New Social Features

Cloud gaming service OnLive has added a number of social features to improve its user communication programs. The update also puts the service closer in competition with the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, both of which are currently at the helm of community features.

Some of the new functions include the recording of all game sessions, Gmail integration, and the introduction of brag clips–an “Instant Playback feature that automatically records a Brag Clip™ video when you reach key moments in each game,” allowing you to boast about your best in-game moments to friends.

The Gmail integration assists with building friends lists. Joe Bentley, VP of engineering at OnLive, assured users that other providers will be added soon. Also new are email notifications for “everything from friend requests to chat messages to video sharing,” so be sure to adjust your preferences before your inbox gets cluttered.

New achievements, games, and extensive stat tracking have also been added.

“With each of these new features, we’re taking another step toward making OnLive even more engaging and unique—a social gaming world where you can play, watch, chat and share experiences in ways you just can’t do anywhere else,” Bentley said. “Sure, ‘social gaming’ has always been inherent to OnLive. But when you look at the potential, you’ll see we’ve only just scratched the surface of what it can—and will—soon become.”