Online Community Kicking Off Casual MMO Closed Beta Through Golden Ticket Contest

April 16, 2008

Online Community Kicking Off Casual MMO Closed
Beta Through Golden Ticket Contest

Gaia Online, the world’s most active online
community, is offering New York Comic-Con attendees the first chance to win
access to the Gaia Online casual massively multiplayer online game (MMO). In
development since 2007, a closed beta version of the Gaia Online MMO is
scheduled for release this summer, and will give the community a new way to
play, socialize, and explore. The contest will take place Friday, April 18
through Sunday, April 20 in booth #1357 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York

"The idea for our casual MMO came from our five
million active members," said Craig Sherman, CEO of Gaia Online. "In our
community forums, they asked for a new way to play games and interact with their
friends. The MMO is our answer to their request, and our community is the
perfect platform for this type of game."

Gaia Online’s casual MMO is a wholly flash-based
environment that is free and requires no downloads. Several new features will be
available within the MMO including quests, monster battles and exploration,
which only add to the current features that the Gaia community is familiar with,
like playing mini games, customizing their avatars and socializing in-world and
on the forums.

Gaians – the member community of Gaia Online –
and visitors to Comic-Con, are encouraged to attend the convention and stop by
Gaia Online’s booth for a chance to win a ticket to the closed beta. The golden
ticket contest will allow those lucky few the first chance to experience the MMO.
More great prizes will be given away at the booth as well, such as Gaia Gold
Cards, special promotional cards that carry various amounts of the currency used
in Gaia Online.

All visitors are encouraged to attend the
Official Gaia Online Panel in Panel Room 1 (1E08) on Saturday, April 19 from
5:00-6:30 PM for the opportunity to meet with the creators of Gaia Online and
learn about new features coming to the site. And visitors to New York Comic-Con
are encouraged to return on Sunday for the Official Gaia Gathering from
1:00-2:00 PM in Meeting Room 1 (1E02).

View various locations within the MMO world:
Barton Town, Village Greens, Zen Gardens, Bill’s Ranch as well as a map of the