Online Fantasy Draft comes to Madden NFL 13’s Connected Careers

EA announced today that the online Fantasy Draft feature launched as part of online Connected Careers in Madden NFL 13.

To access the new mode, you must still choose a coach in Connected Careers. Once the league is started, the option to "Start Season" or "Start Fantasy Draft" will be selectable.

Draft order for the first round is completely random, with the rest of the draft following the "snake" pattern. Each participant has 45 seconds to make a pick, and there are a total of 54 picks per team. The Fantasy Draft has the option to pause the draft or auto pick the rest at any point if you don't feel like sitting through the entire 54 picks.

All of the salaries of the players drafted in the Fantasy Draft are the same per round. Contracts start at 5 years/12 million per year for the first pick and go as low as 1 year for 500K.

While this is a major feature, EA is also looking into adding similar functionality into offline Connected Careers in the future. We'll be sure to keep you updated on the progress.

"For our fans that continue to ask about roster and player editing in Connected Careers, I can tell you that based on your feedback, the development team is currently exploring the potential option to include additional functionality in Madden NFL 13 in an upcoming title update," EA community manager Justin Dewiel added. "We’ll update you with more information in the coming weeks after the team has time to investigate and assess the situation."