Oni Now Available for Pre-Order at Godgames.com


3D Action Adventure Oni Now Available for Pre-Order at Godgames.com


the first on your block to own Oni and kick some serious ass, anime-style!
Developer-driven computer and videogame publisher Gathering of Developers
today announced that Oni is available for pre-order at www.godgames.com.
Developed by Bungie Software, Oni is the upcoming PC and Mac 3D
action/adventure game that features the adored main character Konoko and
blends hand-to-hand combat and double-barreled gunplay in a detailed scale
rarely seen in third-person action games. In addition, Gathering will be
rolling out a new, action-packed Oni video everyday until the game launches on
January 29. These videos will offer a grand glimpse at this exciting title and
can be viewed at http://oni.godgames.com/feature/oni_feature.html


additional information on Oni visit www.godgames.com
or http://oni.bungie.com


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