One fan mocks up next potential Dragon Ball Z game, pitches it to Namco

In video games, sports, or entertainment in general, you have fans, and then you have super-fans. The types of fans that go above and beyond to support the medium that they love. Would they ever go as far as completely drafting up ideas and suggestions for a sequel? Turns out yes.

DeviantArt user Treevax has drafted up a Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 3 project, which gives suggestions and various overhauls to the DBZ formula, that would undoubtedly please fans of the series. The attention to detail here is absolutely phenomenal.

From looking over the positives and negatives from past games, going over loading screens, describing battlefields, to even suggesting the graphical approach the game should take in order to stay faithful to the series, the amount of work that has been put into this is absolutely staggering .

According to Treevax, he has met with Namco representatives in France to go over these suggestions. As a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z myself, I'm pulling for Treevax to make a difference. Most of what he suggests I absolutely agree with, and would love to see made in a DBZ game.

You can check out the full gallery HERE.