OMG! High School Triple Play Pack Shipping from Legacy Interactive

April 6, 2009


Pretty in Pink Game Is Now Also
Available For PC Download

Girl gamers rejoice! Legacy
Interactive and Paramount Digital Entertainment today announce the retail
release of OMG! High School Triple Play Pack, a trio of games for the PC, based
on the classic Paramount Pictures’ films Pretty in Pink, Clueless and Mean
Girls. Pretty in Pink is also now available for PC download at

PRETTY IN PINK Based on the classic
hit movie, the Pretty in Pink video game takes players on a nostalgic trip back
to the 1980s. Andie, Duckie, Blane and all the unforgettable characters from the
“wrong side of the tracks” and the “richie” kids return in the game. Players
might experience a twist from the original movie ending because this time,
Andie’s fate is in the players’ hands. Through hidden object, logic, and puzzle
games the player recreates the classic romantic triangle between Andie, Duckie
and Blane to relive the memorable story that defined a generation.

In addition to the main gameplay,
the player will collect extra hidden items that will ultimately affect who Andie
goes to the dance with. Will the rich and popular Blane capture the heart of
poor but, fashion-conscious Andie, will she end up with her long-time friend and
geeky new-waver, Duckie or a possible third ending that is anyone’s guess? In
Pretty in Pink players also collect “prom items,” pieces of clothing that Andie
can use to make her prom dress at the end of the game. The more prom items that
have been discovered, the more options the player will have to build her dress.

Pretty in Pink includes five hours
of gameplay with 49 levels to play through 10 memorable locations from the movie
like Trax Records, Cat’s Nightclub, Iona’s apartment, the School Library and
Prom. The game also features six mini games with memory, logic, jigsaw puzzles
and other challenges that will test players’ skills and wit.

CLUELESS Clueless welcomes the
player to Beverly Hills where nothing is better than wearing a great outfit on a
perfect date with your dream guy. Players take on the role of fashion-maven Cher,
whose life is not always as easy as it looks since her friends and family are
continuously misunderstanding her very honorable intentions for them. It is up
to the player to help Cher and her friends through the ups and downs of finding
true love and, of course, looking good.

The game features over 500
fashionable options of tops, dresses, pants, shoes and accessories that players
choose from to assemble stylish outfits over the course of 80 different levels.
There are sixteen clothing styles, ranging from contemporary to vintage, so
players can mix and match hip trends from the past and present to create the
highest scoring outfits in a race against the clock. Cher will then let the
player know if she makes the grade. Even the player’s boyfriend will compliment
her fashion savvy—and if she is lucky enough to have styled an outfit that
matches his taste, extra bonus points will be awarded.

There are also cool mini games like
the Fashion Memory Mode where players match styles of hot outfits from memory
and then position their model in the same stylish pose before time runs out. In
the Concave Pavilion photo shoot, players dress their model, choose her position
and location, and then can export the image to share with friends.

Clueless also includes the films’
original opening soundtrack and music, in addition to the incredibly cool
outfits that were created under the direction of students from the Fashion
Institute of Design in Los Angeles.

MEAN GIRLS Mean Girls is the
ultimate High School Showdown. In the game, the player is the new girl at North
Shore High and it is up to them to decide how they will try to unite or control
the school. The power is in their hands as they create and customize their
unique character and choose to play naughty or nice with the other students. The
ultimate goal is to achieve perfect social harmony or complete domination of the
school in this highly addictive puzzle/role-playing game.

Mean Girls merges strategy and
role-playing elements that coincide in the match-three puzzle game board and are
played out via head-to-head, turn-based game play that pushes players to plan,
think, and strategize against opponents. With an upbeat alternative rock
soundtrack composed by renowned artists, the game includes 25 battles with over
40 characters in 12 locations within the High School. As players win showdowns
and gain experience, a wide variety of skills become unlocked that players can
use to customize their battle strategy. Attribute points are used to fine-tune
their character’s charisma, intelligence, endurance, luck and strength to
further modify their battle style.

The game also includes a number of
random encounters with students who will want to battle against you, and side
quests where your job is to round up slackers and take them back to class.
Success at these activities will gain your character extra bonus points and
experience, which are used to obtain new skills for showdowns.

The OMG! High School Triple Play
Pack has an MSRP of $19.95 and can be purchased at retailers nationwide or from
More information on all of the games can be found at