Old PC games SkiFree And Rodent’s Revenge come to iOS

Wow, here are two games you probably never expected to see again.

SkiFree and Rodent's Revenge — two free PC games from 1991 — are now back and on the App Store, according to Game Informer. Each costs 99 cents.

The first game puts you on an endless path down a snowy slope, but trees and rocks are only a couple of the obstacles that can cause you to tumble and start over. Gain enough distance, and a man-hungry Yeti gives chase.

Rodent's Revenge is a puzzle game where you trap cats by turning blocks on the map into cheese. You'll need to be wary of all the dangers in your path, though.

These might not entertain you for very long, but they're fun to play if only for the nostalgia.

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