Okage: Shadow King Transports Players on a Mystical Journey




Imaginative Role-Playing Game
Immerses Players in a Legendary Struggle Between Light and Darkness

FOSTER CITY, Calif., August 8, 2001
– Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today the fall 2001
release of OKAGE: Shadow King, an engrossing role-playing game (RPG) available
exclusively for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Featuring a
mesmerizing storyline with six uniquely amusing characters set in a vibrantly
animated, vast 3D world, OKAGE: Shadow King takes full advantage of the power of
PlayStation 2. Combining traditional role-playing elements with action-packed,
dramatic real-time battle sequences, strategic gameplay and puzzle-solving,
OKAGE: Shadow King will transport players on a graphically spectacular adventure
this fall.

The legend of OKAGE: Shadow King
will enchant gamers as they assume the role of Ari, a young, innocent boy
summoned to embark on a mythical quest. When Stan, the spirit of an evil king,
is unleashed, Ari must relinquish his shadow to the demon and accompany him on a
mission to destroy all the other demons in the world, thus restoring Stan’s
power. Players will find themselves entangled in a whirlwind of myths, legends
and traditions as they make their way across brightly-colored landscapes,
encountering whimsical characters and deciphering the mysterious clues and
secrets buried deep beneath the world in which they live.

"The incredible story of OKAGE:
Shadow King will appeal to both traditional RPG fans and action-adventure
enthusiasts with its innovative design, creative plot and magnificently unique
graphics," said Ami Blaire, director, product marketing, Sony Computer
Entertainment America Inc. "Featuring a captivating storyline, 20
beautifully-rendered environments, six extraordinary, entertaining characters
and hours of engrossing gameplay, OKAGE: Shadow King truly showcases the
capabilities of PlayStation 2."

The tale of OKAGE: Shadow King takes
place in a remote village called Tenel, where young Ari lives with his family.
When a ghost attacks Ari’s sister, his father unknowingly unleashes Stan, the
spirit of a great evil demon, in a desperate attempt to protect his daughter.
Stan agrees to save Ari’s sister’s life, but only on the condition that he
can possess Ari’s shadow, forcing Ari to become his slave. Once resurrected,
however, Stan discovers that his powers are weak and he no longer has the
ability to instill fear and terror in those he hopes to rule. When he learns
that several other demons already inhabit the world of Tenel, Stan is convinced
that they are the cause of his weakness and forces Ari to join him on a quest to
purge the country of these imposters. Navigating as Ari, gamers will submerge
themselves into this action-packed adventure, exploring breath-taking
surroundings, encountering compelling characters and fighting fierce enemies
during their magical journey.

OKAGE: Shadow King introduces a
unique approach to traditional role-playing games through interesting, stylized
visuals and characters and featuring dramatic real-time battle sequences in
which allies and enemies fight simultaneously. In addition, gamers will discover
hundreds of attacks, spells and weapons, and more than 150 items to collect
during the adventure through lustrous towns and ominous dungeons. With its
combination of immersive narrative, challenging gameplay, wonderfully animated
characters and spectacular graphics, OKAGE: Shadow King will add a unique and
exciting role-playing game to the PlayStation 2 catalog this fall.

The independent Entertainment
Software Rating Board (ESRB) has not yet rated OKAGE: Shadow King. For more
information about the ESRB visit www.esrb.org

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