Official Website for System Rush Now Live

Nokia is pleased to announce that
the official website for “System Rush” for the N-Gage is now available at

Delve into the intricate world of
“System Rush” and learn about the origin of the “KIYOMERU” code. Hackers can now
read the classified dossiers of corrupt corporations like KGBXtreme Systems,
Highlife Pharmaceuticals, Heavenly Dollar Trading Corp, SoSecure International
and Fat Daddy Investment bank.

Developed by Ideaworks3D, “System
Rush” is packed with intense multiplayer features, including four-player shadow
racing in the N-Gage Arena or white-knuckle one-on-one battles via Bluetooth
connection. You can race through the world’s most secure corporate networks in a
cyber-punk world of underground hackers. Accused of a crime you didn’t commit,
you must break through the hostile Globenet systems to recover evidence to clear
your name. Pilot one of 11 co-vecs (code-vehicles) and tear through over 50
intense races in five unique game worlds.

For the latest in “System Rush”
trailers, soundtrack, wallpaper, screens, and fan packs, check out