Official SHADOW HARVEST Website Launched

September 2, 2008

Black Lion Studios Launches
Official Website for SHADOW HARVEST 

Black Lion Studios today
officially launched, the website for their upcoming next-gen
stealth-action title SHADOW HARVEST.

The website features a fully fleshed
out community section, which allows gamers to directly interact with the
developers of the title. The "About" section explains many details about the
World of SHADOW HARVEST (such as the special skills and biographies of the main
protagonists, Myra Lee and Aron Alvarez). Many new screenshots and the official
GC 2008 debut trailer.

Click here to download the official
GC 2008 Shadow Harvest trailer.

About the Game: SHADOW HARVEST is a
next-gen stealth-action title set in the year 2025. The player takes control
over two ISA agents (Myra Lee and Aron Alvarez) which are are deployed as elite
black-ops agents on various current and future points of conflict around the
globe to cooperatively complete covert operations. Both characters are very
different from each other and also have very different special skills. To
optimally achieve all mission goals, the player needs to combine Myra’s stealth
skills, cleverness and athletic abilities with Aron’s blunt open battle
approach. SHADOW HARVEST is in development for XBOX 360 and PC and is scheduled
for a worldwide release in 2009. More details about the game can be found at: