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Master Rallye at ECTS



Computer games developers, Steel Monkeys, and publishers, Microids, have joined
forces with the founders of the Master Rallye race to create a game containing
all the excitement and non-stop action of this gruelling all-terrain endurance
test. In terms of both realism and as a true reflection of this renowned race,
the Master Rallye game will be a benchmark title in software history. Never has
a game come so close to simulating the danger and thrills of a real-life racing

Together, Steel Monkeys, Microids and Master Rallye make a dream team. Their
mission – to create the ultimate in thrilling, heart-pounding, extreme racing
that today’s games players’ demand.

Master Rallye offers more strategic driving opportunities than any other racing
game currently on the market, giving players a greater challenge to rise to.

Courses are based on official archive data from previous Master Rallyes and the
expertise of Rene Metge, the official Master Rallye course designer and previous
race champion. Master Rallye contains a wealth of options and detail:

The first ever true all-terrain racing game. Master Rallye offers a totally
open game environment, where keeping to the track is not always the fastest
route. No other title can compare with Master Rallye’s depth of realistic

Realistic artificial intelligence – taking into account mood, fatigue,
aggression, etc – governs each of your opponents driving styles, for the first
time giving players a real sense of driving against true Master Rallye pro’s.
Other Master Rallye competitors will actually respond to your presence in real

Speed – Master Rallye’s ultra-realstic car handling and foot to the floor
acceleration gives even experienced players the most exhilarating ride of their

Phenomenal attention to detail – each car displays realistic crash damage and
has tyre-by- tyre handling that responds to the varied surface on each section
of terrain.

Localised weather effects, animated skies, 3D sound effects and an
unprecedented level of detailed terrain combine to make the game as real as it

Released on PC June 2001 and PS2 in late 2001, Master Rallye will be showcased
at the most important event in the games industry calendar – the European
Computer Trade Show (ECTS, London, Olympia) in September (Microid’s stand G390).
Destined to be a highly anticipated title, Master Rallye will also receive
unprecedented specialist, consumer, national press, and TV PR activity across
Europe prior to launch.

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