Octodad: Dadliest Catch sells over 90,000 copies

The performance of Octodad: Dadliest Catch has surprised indie developer Young Horses. It's sold 90,000 copies across PC, Mac, and Linux.

"Our expectations have been met and then some to say the least," Young Horses wrote in a blog post.

The comedy game is a sequel to the freeware version of Octodad from 2010. It released in late January this year, but it's still due on the PlayStation 4 next month.

"Most devs and folks in general tend to say, 'Don’t read the comments,'" Young Horses wrote. "However, to get a good feel for how people play and enjoy Dadliest Catch, we read everything we can.

"As a result of that and our own realizations, we’ve recently made some significant changes to the game that we think are for the better. So far, the feedback on these changes has been very positive. We want our players to know that we pay attention to what they have to say and that they can look forward to our continued support of the game."