October brings the Rain to PS3

Intriguing PlayStation 3 exclusive Rain will be release on October 1st in North America, October 2nd in Europe, and October 3rd in Japan. It will b e priced at $14.99/€12.99 and available to download through the PlayStation Network.

We've been following Rain quite closely since its initial announcement. The exclusive from PlayStation C.A.M.P. and Acquire has the potential to be this year's Journey, with producer Noriko Umemura promising "the feelings of melancholy and nostalgia throughout the game."

For those unfamiliar, Rain puts you in the shoes of a young boy who mysteriously awakens in a strange, dark and dreary, rain-soaked world. Made visible only by the rain that falls, the boy becomes captivated by an invisible girl, also brought to life in the rain. While the use of rain and invisiblity allow for some creative gameplay mechanics, it seems narrative and storytelling will be the driving force behind Rain.