Obsidian reveals first Project Eternity image

Obsidian Entertainment's upcoming Project Eternity has five days left on Kickstarter. That said, it's already hit well over $2,500,000 in pledges.

What exactly are people funding here? Well, we know it's an isometric RPG that plays out in real-time and lets players pause to set up different commands. As far as how it's going to look, though, that was pretty much anyone's guess. Until now, that is.

Obsidian released the first screen of Project Eternity. It's quite lovely to look at and features some beautiful resolution and textures. "We are using the same method that was used in the Infinity Engine games, but we now have the power of more advanced rendering packages and much more powerful computer to render out realistic trees and grass as the starting point," explained the studio.

Project Eternity features gameplay inspired by games like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. Players will explore dungeons in party-based gameplay, travel through fantasy lands, uncover secrets, and make decisions that affect the game's story.

If you've been following Project Eternity closely, this very "teasy" image is certain to get you even more excited. And if you're a newcomer to the upcoming title, it may just entice to watch out for it when it launches on PC.

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